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Improve your patient transport safety with our all-encompassing training course!

Transporting patients carries inherent risks. Our Patient Transport Safety training course is designed to equip patient transport service providers with the skills to ensure the safety of patients during transportation.

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Benefits of our course

These are some of the benefits that your business and employees can enjoy by attending our Patient Transport Safety training course:


Enhanced safety skills:

Employees learn vital techniques for safe patient handling and transport, minimising the risk of injury to both patients and transport personnel.


Compliance with regulations:

The training ensures that employees understand and comply with relevant laws and regulations, reducing legal liabilities for the organisation.


Improved patient and client satisfaction:

Safe and professional handling during transport enhances the patient’s experience, potentially improving patient satisfaction scores and reputation.


Increased confidence and competence:

Training provides employees with the confidence and competence to handle various scenarios, including emergencies during transport.


Professional development:

Participation in the course adds value to employees’ professional growth, showing investment in their continuous learning and improvement.

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Better team coordination:

By understanding standardised procedures and communication techniques, employees can work more cohesively as a team during patient transport.


Cost savings:

By reducing accidents and utilising equipment properly, the organisation may experience cost savings in terms of reduced insurance premiums, repair costs, and litigation fees

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Why choose our Patient Transport Safety course?

Our course encompasses all key aspects of patient transport safety, from handling and moving techniques to emergency response, covering both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our professional trainers provide real-life work scenarios, ensuring that your training is not only informative but also applicable in daily operations.

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Course highlights


Patient Handling and Moving Techniques:

Mastering the correct and safe ways to handle and move patients, reducing the risk of injury to both the patient and the employee.


Equipment Use:

Learning how to safely use patient transport equipment, such as wheelchairs, stretchers, and patient lifts.


Emergency Response:

Acquiring skills to respond effectively to emergencies during patient transport.


Communication Skills:

Enhancing your ability to communicate with patients and healthcare teams effectively during the transport process.


Legal and Ethical Issues:

Familiarising yourself with the legal and ethical considerations of patient transport.

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Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for patient transport service providers and any healthcare professionals involved in the transport of patients. It’s also beneficial for hospital administrators and healthcare managers responsible for patient safety and service quality.

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Upskill your team today

Improve patient safety during transport and provide a higher level of care. Enrol for our Patient Transport Safety training course today and improve the service quality your business provides.

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